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Pacers Dead on Arrival – Hawks Sweep

The Indiana Pacers limped into the NBA Playoffs and despite being the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, were taken down in the first game of the series on their home court, by the undermanned Atlanta Hawks, 101-93.  Are the Pacers dead on arrival?

The Hawks punked the Pacers 13 days earlier by 19 points and appear to now own the mortgage on Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  We’re talking the #8 seed whose best player, Al Horford, has been out almost the entire season.

Against anyone else in the East, the Hawks would be lucky to win a playoff game this season.  But the Pacers have become the Hawks bitch.

Hawks point guard, Indiana native Jeff Teague, is being groomed for the Hall of Fame by Pacers point guards.  They couldn’t guard Teague with the U.S. marines.  The playoffs expose poor defense and the Indiana guards are naked as jaybirds.

Number one seeds don’t often get beaten in the playoffs, but it has happened.  What has never happened is the #8 seed sweeping the #1 seed.  Sayonara Pacers, this series is over in four.

Indiana sports fans, you can start getting ready for Indiana Hoosiers football.

  • David Burns

    To the hawks it would be a don’t think so moment to them. Pacers will find a way of getting it together and besides the hawks an’nt all that. Sorry Atlanta Hawks your a great team and it was only one game ya’ll won. But get ready to get send home in the first round of the playoffs.