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Peyton Manning Loses Press Conference

Peyton Manning spoke to the media for the first time Wednesday since he and his teammates were humiliated in the 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.  The game wasn’t as close as the 43-8 score might indicate.

Speaking to the media Manning issued the typical platitudes that included saying that 2013 was a good season in a lot of  ways, the season didn’t end like they wanted it to, he and his teammates have to build on what they did and do better with the newer players that management has acquired.

Manning likes what the Broncos organization has done in the offseason in acquiring three defensive players who could potentially start.  Of course, have you ever heard a QB stand up and say that he doesn’t like what his team did in the off-season?  If you have, there was probably a solar eclipse and Bill Clinton was celibate for a  year.

Peyton lost the Super Bowl and lost the press conference Wednesday.  That makes it two in a row.  Hey Peyton, can’t you at least give us something we didn’t already know?  Like after looking at film and thinking about it for a few months why you stunk so bad against the Seahawks?

What Manning needs more than anything is a couple new offensive linemen and to be given hypnosis or at least something that makes those happy feet of his unhappy.  Great QB, but the big game and Peyton Manning are not two comfortable bedfellows.  It started in college when Manning left Tennessee and Tee Martin took over the QB job the next season and led the Vols to the national championship.

Manning said other things but nothing significant.  If you have heard his press conferences over the years, you don’t need to seek out the transcript to this latest one. When you have been in the league as long as Manning, the only talking that counts is the big games.  Unfortunately, Manning hasn’t had much to say in many of those.

  • Stephen Cash

    Peyton outperformed every other offensive player in that game. He didn’t suck. Any other QB that had the the space and time to throw the ball that he did in that game would have done worse. At the end of the day PM and DT played above average games, broke records in that game, everyone else on the broncos defense and offense sucked. Know your stuff, or do the world a favor and stop writing…

    • kat

      TY for telling it like it REALLY is and was…… Peyton will take charge in 2014 and show them what will make everyone, Team and fans happy!!

  • Tebowmaniac

    Peyton and happy feet? Dude, if you have watched football for half a century like I have, you know Peyton’s feet movement is Key to his timing – last year was an EYE OPENER on how a QB SHOULD play in the NFL… it was amazing how he read Defenses and got the ball where it needed to be…. The Broncos as a TEAM lost that game…. something weird happened when the Ball got hiked on the first play, it was like a boxer getting dropped by the first hit and the one throwing the punches smelt blood and went after it…. The crowd was like a seahawk home game – which made it IMPOSSIBLE for the Broncos to do their magic play calling at the line of scrimmage…. In a way, I’m glad the Broncos lost. It puts fire in their bellies for this season – THE YEAR OF THE HORSE… the Superbowl will more than likely be Denver VS Seattle – THE OUTCOME WILL BE DIFFERENT…. Denver humiliates teams that have beaten them the last go round – ASK THE RAVENS.