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Phil Mickelson Under Investigation

Phil Mickelson is playing this week’s Memorial Tournament under a cloud of suspicion.  Various media organizations have reported that the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating stock trades involving gambler Billy Walters, stock guru Carl Icahn and Mickelson.

“I have done absolutely nothing wrong,” Mickelson lamented after a recent round. “That’s why I’ve been fully cooperating with the FBI agents and I’m happy to do so in the future, too, until this gets resolved. But for right now and hopefully it will be soon, but for right now, I can’t really talk much about it.”

Mickelson’s main problem appears to be stock trades he made involving Clorox in 2011 when Icahn bought 9% of the stock.  Icahn threatened a takeover that drove up the price before he sold his stock for a tidy profit. Walters also apparently cashed in on this deal.

There’s also reports that Mickelson and Walters got in and out on Dean Foods in 2012.

Hopefully Mickelson is not guilty of anything in this situation.  But quite frankly, what is he doing hanging around with unsavory people like that? The guy makes more money than he can spend in a thousand lifetimes of normal living and his PGA career gives him all the fame and adulation that a person can ask for.

What does Amy say about all this?

  • John Harmon

    Didn’t hear anything about this as time progressed. I think Phil is above this type nonsense.