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Philadelphia Eagles Sign Colorful Character

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed the guy who has possibly the best and most colorful nickname in professional sports. Former Vanderbilt Commodore Casey “Murderleg” Spear has inked a free agent deal with the Eagles.

Murderleg’s last name, Spear, is a good one too, when you consider what he likes to do on kickoffs.

Spear is a kicker who hit 81% of his field goals the past two seasons.  He  specializes in trying to tackle the ball carrier on kickoffs, which may get him killed in the NFL.

If he tries to spear anybody on a tackle in the NFL, he will most likely be wearing his helmet backwards.

Doubtful that Spear will be able to unseat Eagles’ incumbent, Alex Henery.  But it will be fun to see if Spear can make it through a few exhibition games without a trip to the hostpital.