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Has Pressure Broken Doc Rivers?

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers has always been a class act during his NBA playing and coaching careers.  He is very well-respected as a man and for the way he carries himself.

But after the way he lost his mind in the waning moments of Game 5 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and then in the post game press conference when he repeatedly pounded on the interview table, you have to wonder if Doc may need to see a doctor.

What is ironic is that Rivers was a lot more composed when he was on the east coast and coached the Celtics.  Isn’t the west supposed to make a man feel all laid back and cool?

Rivers has been under a lot of pressure this playoffs, first with the Donald Sterling disaster and now with this series against the potent Thunder.  Is the man past his breaking point?  Is he one more bad call from having his chest explode on national TV?

Rivers sounded like a man who has his feet back on the ground as he spoke to reporters after practice Wednesday.

“I was very upset last night, and rightly so, but you’ve got to move on,” Rivers said.

If the Clippers are going to regroup and beat the Thunder, they will need their leader to regain his focus and start to absorb some California cool.