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Prince Fielder Washed Up?

Could Prince Fielder’s start to the 2014 season be giving his new employer, the Texas Rangers, buyer’s remorse? Publicly the Rangers are saying “no”, but could you blame them if behind closed doors they are saying “yes”?

Fielder’s April was the worst month he has had as a major league player, hitting only .206 with a utility infielder type .314 slugging percentage.  Usually a big run producer, Fielder knocked in only 9 runs in April.

Fielder also hit only two home runs and lets face it, the Rangers didn’t pay big money for the rotund first baseman to steal bases or win gold gloves at first base.

Two good signs when you review Fielder’s stats are that he’s only struck out 15 times and has a .331 OBP.  That means he is seeing the ball okay and is being patient.

But the disturbing thing for the Rangers is when you break down Fielder’s last 131 games including the playoffs, he has hit only 15 homers and knocked in 64 runs with a .392 slugging percentage.

Would you have traded for  a 5’11”, 275 pound, 29-year old on a 9-year, $214 million deal?   A suggestion for those Rangers executives who signed off on the Fielder deal:  keep your resume updated.