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Puig’s Antics Angers Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals were not happy with Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig’s antic on the base paths Monday night in Los Angeles.  The Cardinals are not the first team this season that has taken offense to the rookie’s antics.

When Puig hit a long drive to right field, he first stood in the batter’s box and watched the ball, then when he realized it wouldn’t be a home run, he used his great speed to stretch the hit into a triple.  When he arrived at third he vigorously clapped his hands and then raised his arms, much to the delight of the Dodgers 53,940 fans in attendance.

Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran wasn’t impressed with Puig’s emotional show.

“I mean, it’s not great.  To me, I don’t like it.  But what can I say,” the Cardinals right fielder said.  “I don’t play for them.  I just play over here.  I just need to do my job.  It is what it is.”

Beltran is however impressed with Puig’s ability and talent and thinks that with more experience in the league, Puig will clam down and learn how to act.

Dodgers outfielders Jerry Hairston and Carl Crawford defended Puig after the game, attributing his actions to wanting to do well and his passion for the game.

Major League Baseball is a place where players need to learn real fast how to act.  If they don’t, either the league or players on other teams will teach them how to act.  If Puig doesn’t learn soon, he may spend the 2014 season dodging fastballs.