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Rams Michael Sam Could Be Fired

St. Louis Rams seventh round draft choice, Michael Sam, could be fired just because of his lifestyle.  Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri democrat, posted on Twitter that according to Missouri law, Sam could be fired just for being gay.

Not only that, individuals can be denied employment due to their sexual orientation under current state law.  Obviously the Rams aren’t going to fire Sam for his lifestyle, if they had a problem with it they wouldn’t have drafted him in the first place.

The Missouri Non-discrimination Act, legislation that would provide protection for gay people, went before the Missouri House on March 13.  The legislation has yet to gain any traction, but with Sam giving it publicity, the dialogue may intensify.

I hate politics enough as it is, to the point that I turn the channel anytime a politician comes on TV.  Politics has always been in sports, but with Sam’s situation we are going to be getting a heavy dose of politics in the NFL for many months to come, maybe years.

I love the NFL, but hate politics, and I think a lot of people feel the same way.  It will be interesting to see as the months go by, if love trumps hate, or vice versa.