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Redskins Trent Murphy Has Crazy Dad

Washington Redskins’ second round pick, Stanford linebacker Trent Murphy, had his dad jack him up ’cause he only worked out two hours on draft day. 

Speaking on a recent radio show, Murphy also said that his dad can bench press 275 pounds 10 times and that he drives him relentlessly to work out.  Training camp may be a welcome break for Trent to get away from his old man.

When Trent Murphy was young, his father Jerry moved the family to Mesa, Arizona and built a 1,200 square foot weight training facility out back.  The six kids worked out there, starting as young as four years old.

This makes Richard Williams, the nutty father of Venus and Serena Williams who made them hit tennis balls day and night, sound lazy and inattentive.

I can see it coming…  If Trent Murphy is successful in the NFL, a whole new generation of crazy fathers who take on Rambo personas and pistol-whip their kids so they can be tough NFL linebackers will emerge.