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Report: Former Bears Top Pick Faces Felony Drug Charges

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Bears former number one pick David Terrell was accused of hitting two cops while he was being arrested on drug charges.

“In plain view were multiple items including cannabis and equipment to package it and other such narcotics.  That included heat-sealing machines and baggies typically used to package, sell and use narcotics,’’ Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli was quoted by the Tribune as saying.

“As officers were conducting an interview, Terrell struck an officer’s hand by reaching over the top of the door and hitting the officer, injuring him,” Mirabelli said. 

The Bears former top choice was charged with misdemeanor battery for hitting the police officers and with manufacture and delivery of cannabis, which in Illinois is a felony, according to Mirabelli. As if the NFL needed more off the field arrests involving players or former players.