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Rory McIlroy Free Fall Continues

Former wunderkind Rory McIlroy’s free fall continues.  In the latest world golf rankings McIlroy has tumbled out of the top 10.  Not all that long ago McIlroy was considered by many to be the best player in the world.

“It’s not nice to drop out, over three years in the Top 10 and you sort of get comfortable there,” McIlroy said. “Hopefully I can get myself back up, you know, into the sort of territory I have been at the last few years.”

McIlroy’s biggest challenge is to return his putter back to its old form.  He is currently 120th on the PGA tour in putting.

In addition to McIlroy’s struggles, Tiger Woods will be dropping from the number one spot and replaced by Masters champion, Adam Scott soon.  Tiger’s drop is due to his inability to play due to physical problems, not lackluster play.

Woods is expected to return to the PGA tour at some point this season, but when is anyone’s guess.  Tiger’s aging body and mental reserves are no longer what they once were, and superhuman accomplishments are no longer expected from the former Mrs. Nordgren.

Tough game, golf.

  • Sylvia Richardson

    Mrs. Nordgren? First of all, you spelt the name wrong; second of all, the Type A machismo Tiger Woods has, I don’t think that he would have been Mr. Nordegren – EVER!!!