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Royals Can’t Keep Carrying Mike Moustakas

Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustaskas is hitting only .147 and there is no relief in sight.  Moustakas is like a drunk who has yet to bottom out and until the Royals create a bottom for Moustakas, he will continue to stagger around at the plate.

What would be wrong with sending the beleaguered third baseman down to the minors for a few weeks to get his head together?  It isn’t like Moustakas is a professor who has tenure.

The Royals can’t afford to have a guy hitting .147 in the line-up, they aren’t deep enough.  Particularly at a corner infield position where you need to have some pop.

Kansas City is 19-19 and isn’t in a position to give away games.  If there are true playoff aspirations, the organization has to show the fans that it is serious about making the post season.  Carrying a guy who can’t hit doesn’t show much commitment, in my opinion.

Wake up Royals, the coffee smells like the stockyards…