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Saints Rob Ryan Still Prickly ‘Bout Cowboys

Rob Ryan, the defense coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, likes where he is now, but apparently hasn’t forgotten being fired by the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones after last season.

Ryan and New Orleans appear to be a good match.  Saints coach Sean Payton wanted to convert from the standard 4-3 defense, to a pressuring 3-4 set.  Ryan has a lot of respect for Payton at this point in time.

“It’s like being under Bill Belichick,” the Saints DC told USA TODAY Sports on Monday. “Belichick to me is the best coach who has ever coached in this game. And Sean is right there with him.”

When people are fired, they usually hold some animosity until they find a new job.  Then they move on, get busy with their new job, and forget about their last employment experience.  Ryan says he holds no grudges against the Cowboys, but the adrenaline is still flowing when he talks about his former employer.

“My time might have been short, but if you don’t think I improved that Cowboys defense, you’re (expletive) crazy,” Ryan said.

Interesting that Ryan would make that claim, considering the Cowboys were the 25th ranked defense in the NFL last season.