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Texas Rangers Season Dead Already?

The Texas Rangers have been besieged by injuries, to the point that GM Jon Daniels has termed them as “startling.”

Pitcher Martin Perez was stellar, coasting through 26 consecutive shutout innings earlier in the season, now he has a torn ulnar collateral ligament. The initial reports are that he may try to rest for three months and come back later in the season, but that is a pipe dream.

The knife awaits Martin Perez and the sooner he comes to that realization and makes the appointment, the sooner he can start preparing for his 2015 return.

The only good news for Martin Perez is that he’s not Matt Harrison. Harrison made 4 starts this season and found out Wednesday that he will most likely need spinal fusion surgery, a follow-up procedure to last year’s two disc surgeries.  It could be a career-ending procedure.

The Rangers have been hovering around the .500 mark and the AL West is weak this season, but the Rangers will have to make shrewd moves to acquire pitching if they want to hang around well into September.  The timing isn’t good, there isn’t spare pitching available like there was before the season.  The Braves signed free agent Ervin Santana and picked up Aaron Harang off the scrap heap when Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy both needed Tommy John surgery.  Those type options aren’t available now.

If the Rangers want to stay viable this season they may have to trade some top minor league prospects if they want to bring in a high quality starter. Will they?

  • Baron Bob

    To many mid season trades have left this club baron at the higher minor leagues. Fielder is a bust and should cost Daniels his job. Talk about knowing when to dump a player, Detroit gets an A

  • Brandon Taylor

    Bad news: Sadly I only see things going from bad to worse for this team… in fact, I would not be surprised if they fell all the way to the cellar this year.

    Good news: Only three and a half weeks till football season, folks!

    Bad news: Three and a half weeks before the Cowboys tank… again…

    Good news: I hear a little soccer team called FC Dallas is doing pretty well.

    Bad news: It’s a long season and they could crash and burn too.

    Good news: But they could also win it all!

    Bad news: I know, I know… A lot of Americans still aren’t into soccer.

    Good news: WHAT?! Are y’all insane?! Not even if the USA is in the World Cup?!

    I’d probably better shut up now, ’cause if you who read this are not into soccer, you won’t know what the World Cup is either. (Plus, we’re supposed to be talking about baseball anyway, right? In that case, go Astros!)

    Sorry, guys. Carry on.