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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Reeling in Sugar Daddy

Tiger Woods ex-wife, Elin Nordgren, has apparently traded up after dumping Woods.  Nordgren has cultivated a romantic relationship with coal and mining billionaire, Chris Cline, that has become very serious.

It appears that Woods was Nordgren’s seed money, as his cash has placed her into a financial position to “run with the big dogs” so to speak.  The 34-year old Nordgren’s prey isn’t a pro athlete this time, it is a 55-year old sugar daddy.

Cline and Nordgren own homes next to each other in pricey North Palm Beach and have their own little compound” that has made Cline comfy to the point that he has bought a second home next to the first.  If Nordgren and Cline get married, one can only guess which of Cline’s two homes Nordgren will get in the divorce settlement.

Nordgren and Cline are living the modern-day Brady Bunch lifestyle.  Cline has four kids and Nordgren has two, so the couple has six kids just like the original Brady Bunch, although the ratios are different (Mike and Carol Brady each had 3 kids).

Give Elin Nordgren credit, she has taken the art of laying on her back for fun and profit to the highest level.  Expect her “How to Reel in a Rich Sucker” available soon in video and e-book format.

  • jon

    sooooooo, you think she should stay pure to tiger?

  • jon

    sounds like atla has some personal divorce history bothering him?

  • ram

    Hmmm….Here I actually thought she was an innocent victim of Cheatah. Turns out she’s just another gold digging ho bag with her legs in the air. When will I ever learn? Could be just a coincidence that she is only attracted to millionaires…not.

  • Stan Dinsmore

    She has to take a back seat to Michelle Duvalier, who was married to Former Haitian President. She dumped him for a Billionaire on the French Riviera. Haitian people have a good idea how much she purloined.

  • Blone

    Although I do not like the wording of this article, there could be some truth to her and Cline getting serious, her willingness to be friends with Lindsey. It would be hypocritical for the kids to spend time with Cline and not Lindsey.