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Tom Brady Successor Identified?

The New England Patriots have scouted 10+ quarterbacks up close and personal in anticipation of next month’s NFL draft.  Will they be drafting Tom Brady’s potential successor this season?

That question was posed to Patriots director of player personnel, Nick Casereio.

“We’re focused on improving our football team in whatever capacity we can do it, and we’ll always consider doing that,” Caserio said. “Right now our focus is just on the draft and trying to improve our team.”

Quarterbacks that the Patriots have met with include Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and A.J. McCarron.

Brady is under contract through the 2017 season, but at 37 years old the question has to arise as to how much longer Brady will have behind center.  Now would get a good time to draft a QB and let him learn and groom behind the master.

“This year’s really no different,” Caserio said.  “It’s all with the idea of trying to gain as much information about that position group from top to bottom.”

Yeah sure, Nick.  You have a 37-year old QB and there’s no urgency to start grooming someone as his successor. Might as well wait a few more years until Brady can’t even bend over to take a snap from center.  Then start looking.