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Torii Hunter Taunts Boston Cop

Fenway ParkAs Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter tumbled over the fence and into the Boston bullpen, while futilely chasing a David Ortiz grand slam homer Sunday night at Fenway Park, a Boston cop standing close to Hunter had his hands raised in a touchdown-type pose.

The amazing picture was captured by photographers and went virile almost instantaneously after hitting the internet.

Hunter talked Monday about the play.

“It shows a good effort,” Hunter quipped.  “You can make it whatever you want.  You can say, awww, look at the Tigers, face down, feet up.’  The cop’s supposed to be protect and serve — this son of a gun got his hands up.  I better not ever see him again.”

Hunter finishes his blast against the Boston cop by simply saying, “Help me, then cheer, fool” and then, “Protect and serve, take that off his badge.”

In the Boston cop’s defense, Ortiz’s home run REALLY was a huge hit.