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Will Braves Find Trade Partner?

Watching the Atlanta Braves this season is like seeing a good movie for the umpteenth time that you know has a bad ending.  The Braves once again have excellent pitching, but the poor offense gives them little chance to win a playoff series, let alone a World Series.

If the offense gets any worse, the Braves won’t make the playoffs this season and may be lucky to finish second in the National League East.  This season isn’t a fluke, either.  The same players struggled to score runs last year.

It is amazing that the same organization that year in and year out has great pitching, can’t figure out the formula to consistently score runs.

Frank Wren may want to sit around and wait until July before he decides if he needs to add “pieces” to this team, but there’s no need to wait any longer. You don’t have to be a baseball expert to know that this Braves team needs serious help offensively.  No more power is needed, get contact hitters and guys with high on-base-percentage.

So what players should the Braves make available for trade?

Starting with the pitching staff, the Braves should make everybody available for trade except Julio Teheran and Craig Kimbrel.  The only position players that should be untouchable are Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman and maybe Evan Gattis.

Now go out and find a trade partner, Frank.

  • Harry Swartz

    I agree with you on most of what you said But Justin Upton should be untouchable two he still has a good batting AVR and give us great power to just Like Freedi Freaman and Gattis here my list on who should be untouchable they are Freedi Freanb Gattis Justin Upton Simmons on the Office of side as far as Pitchers go Mike Miner,Alek Wood,Julio Teheran,Craig Kimbrel and Erivin Santana should be the untouchables as Far as the Pitching side because if we start two deal starters we will be no better than we are now even if trading for hitters work if we miss two much with Pitching than we will not win because we can not pitch but we due got some player we could deal in are Farm situm to help fix the Hitting one other thing just because we want a trade soon does not mean it will happen it not easy to find trad partners right now because it early most team are not willing to give up on there season yet uless it was some one like Houston,Or the Cubs that are all ready done now as far as hopes of being a contender this year but for the most part no one ready to make trades yet but due agree as soon as teams are willing to start discussing trades we need to make a upgrade in the out field i personalty think we need two out fielders both PJ Upton and Jason Heward both suck big time again this year along with Dan Uggla who has been beached.But any how i agree with you i want upgrades two but i am not expecting them in till the trade Deadline on other not i think we should can are hitting coach and Assistant hitting coach and hire Chipper Jones i all so say we should just cut DAN Uggla and PJ Upton and just admit we made huge mistakes on trading for Dan Uggla than locking him up long term and admit we should never had sighed PJ Upton to begin with.