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Will Muschamp Ranked Number One

Florida Gators head football coach Will Muschamp, the man who single-handedly has changed the Gators’ fight chant himself, is ranked #1 in the college football head coach hot seat rankings, according to a nationally known website.

The Gators fight chant used to be, “It’s great…to be…a Florida Gator.”  After Florida’s disastrous 4-8 record last season, the chant is now, thanks to Will Muschamp, “It’s great…to be…a four and eighter.”

Muschamp isn’t alone when it comes to being on the hot seat.  Two of his SEC brethren are also in the top six.  Alabama head coach Nick Saban checks in at number five and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is number six.

Granted, Saban being on the list is a little crazy based on his success, but aren’t Alabama football fans a LOT crazy?  If Auburn beats Alabama again in 2014, I’d be more than a little scared if I was a Toomer’s Corner tree, wouldn’t you?

The website that has Muschamp number one on in its hot seat rankings,, has been around for years and is looked to by many college football fans to find out who the next coaches are who may be in the unemployment line.

Although, you don’t have to be an expert in analyzing the effectiveness of head football coaches to figure out that Muschamp needs to be high on every list that involves college football coaches that may be fired soon.

  • alangordon

    Lost 2 weeks in a row to Vandy and Georgia Southern.Right where he belongs.His job up to him , so we will see how he responds.My personal opinion he’s been out recruited, and Jeremy said he was a great recruiter, and certainly out coached..We’re so far behind our biggest rivals, it’s sickening how it couldl happen so fast..

    • DRU2012

      This comment is SO lame–it just isn’t the case: The ONLY position that we have been noticeably, consistently beaten at out on the trail is at WR…in all other aspects of recruitinghe and his staff have kicked butt out there. If we make a change, it won’t be because they haven’t been bringing in talent, it’ll be because he and they haven’t done enough with it, and the jury is still out on THAT mainly ’cause we were hit with an overwhelming wave of injuries last year. If that wave breaks the other way this season and we stay relatively healthy, THEN it’ll be “Either win or go”. At the same time, any list (and those behind it) that has Saban among “the top 5 on the hot seat” is clearly by and FOR idiots. If Tide fans have forgotten where they were mired before he got there, GREAT–I hope they ARE that stupid–sure is possible: That crowd has never impressed me with their wisdom of general brain power–but neither does any of this reflect what Will Muschamp has been able or will be able to achieve in Gainesville.

  • Anthony13

    Hate to say this about a fellow UGA alum, but Muschamp had no business as the Gators’ HC. Some people make great Assistant Coaches. Muschamp proves that point.

  • Jimbo

    The Gators should be improved this year, but anything worse than 8-4
    could cost him his job.

  • alangordon

    dru 2012 so wrong.Florida Gators should never lose to Georgia Southern for any reason.See comments by starting center in other reports how they collasped as a team..18 iou tof 21 against Georgia and we hire 1 of them.That was brilliant.And best team Muschamp had at 11 & 2, 18-19 starters were Urban’s..Look at reality if you know what it looks like.Do agree that if Saban is on the hot seat, every coach in Amerida might be fired at end of this season.That was ridiculous.

  • alangordon

    Hey dru 2012, no excuse for losing to Georgia Southern.See last years starting center’s comments how they fell apart.Muschamp lost the team, fact of life.And best team he’s had, 18 0r 19 starters were Urban’s.Jeremy said he was a great recruiter.See his skills when we go to Alabama and Henry puts up 250 yds.From Yulee, Florida.And his original 1st choice was Georgia.Yep, great recruiter alright.
    Do agree that Saban on the hot seat is ludicrous statement.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    vandy loss, maybe, but absolutely no excuse for losing to an fcs school,. . He
    needs to come through this year, and that doesn’t mean a 13-0 season,
    but I better see some THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD (note to muschamp, that
    doesn’t mean 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage).

  • Meko

    All anyone has to do is look at the gators schedule and see he will be coaching his last as the UF football coach