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Yankees Fans Time to Panic?

The 2014 New York Yankees remind me of a saying that I read once.  It went, “old knees don’t get better, they just get older.” 

Once again the Yankees are an old, tired, punchless club and that fact was no more evident than it was Monday night. 

Carlos Beltran got hurt taking swings in the batting cage during the game.  You read that right, he didn’t get hurt making a diving catch or breaking up a double play.  He got hurt IN THE BATTING CAGE.

Ichiro Suzuki didn’t play Monday night after hurting his back on an outfield play on Sunday.  Pitcher Shawn Kelley has been shelved since last Tuesday with a bad back.  Maybe the Yankees slogan this season should be, “We’re Back.”

Mark Texeira is nursing a groin strain and pitcher C.C. Sabathia has an inflamed knee.  Surprisingly, Derek Jeter has remained healthy so far, but how long will that last?

The Yankees are 19-18 this season and after spending $470 everyone expected more.  But when you have an old roster, should you expect less?

After a disappointing 2013 season, the Yankees are once again struggling.  Yankees fans, this is getting old…

  • Gollywobbles

    When the Mutts gloated over their victories over the Yanks, one must remember that they were not puffing themselves up over defeating Cashman’s AARP Senior All-Star Oldtimers — No, they envision a win over NYY as one over the Yanks of 1927, 1937, 1950, 1961 etc. Without the BOSS’ guidance, the current bumbling Steinbrenner kids are just counting money., The team’s tradition of WINNING could occur, but only by accident.
    MLB has long altered rules to discourage repeat wins — they have been very successful as the Yanks have only one WS win in the past 13 years — and in the near future, no prospects anywhere on the horizon.